Best Polish Illustrators: Concept Art

The Best Polish Illustrators: Concept Art book is here and it looks amazing!

The artbook is packed with beautiful works from polish artists. And I'm fortunate enough to be among them, as you see below.

You can still get a copy for yourself here:

If you need some special discount sauce, just let me know in the private message. I can still have few coupons to giveaway.

Don't forget to share this with your art loving friends :)

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Throwback Thursday: Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

My designs for cinematic teaser trailer. 

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Chinese Demon

Throwback illustration done for Platige Image.

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Total War: Warhammer

Back in 2014 I've provided concept art and in-footage drawings for Total War: Warhammer   cinematic trailer.

Studio: Platige Image Client: Creative Assembly Agency: Maveric Media Director: Tomek Baginski

Library design

Character design

FX design


Announcement Trailer for Total War: Warhammer

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This time I went full fantasy mode. Its inspired by one of my Ancient Civilisations artwork.

I like to play with framing and post-proces after I finish illustration


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ArtStation Challenge

Recently ArtStation hosted a community challenge called "Ancient Civilizations: Lost & Found - Keyframe Concept Art". This is my entry for this event:


Few proces and behind the scenes pictures

Cyberpunk City

This piece is done for two reasons. One is my need to refresh myself with something totally opposite to my desert, ancient temples routine for Mooeti. And what's better that future, cyberpunk megacity. Another reason is my trip to Tokyo last month. This city is spectacular and overwhelming with its grand scale. I needed to put on canvas my impression about it.

Speaking of cyberpunk, I hope new Blade Runner will come ou really good.

Below is gallery of cinematic close-ups with a bit different color correction to add this movie flavor.

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Ben Hur

Ben Hur is a beatiful movie, for sure. So why not to practice a bit from this masterpiece.


Instagram is a place where I'm sharing frequently a lot of "making of" material. There are process steps, behind the scenes photos, work in progress, sketches and some more or less personal content that is somehow relevant to my profession. Mostly art to be short. Also, a lot of content is never published out of Insta. So if you are interested in some of this, why not follow me on Instagram?


Familiar is a series of paintings focused on memories and nostalgia. For places, moments and people.

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Tribal Set

I`ve properly scanned my Tribal watercolor set. Now they look good and are print compatible.

If you like them, you can have them as prints or some other bonus merchandising items at my Society6 Shop. Click below in button to be taken to Tribal Collection. 

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May The 4th Be With You

I love Star Wars. So I was forced to do this.

Process of creating "Yoda" artwork. From sketch to final.

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